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Apache Kafka ® on TIBCO Cloud Messaging


Quick Start Guides for Apache Kafka

The quick start guides are step by step instructions for getting Apache Kafka clients connected to TIBCO Cloud Messaging:

Connecting to TIBCO Cloud Messaging

The client configuration file contains all the information client applications need to securely connect to TIBCO Cloud Messaging. Generate the client configuration file using the roles REST API or user interface. Generate as many configuration files as needed for each Role.

Note: TIBCO Cloud Messaging samples require a client configuration file to run.

Unsupported Features

Apache Kafka support on TIBCO Cloud Messaging is limited to basic producer and consumer APIs. The following Kafka features are not supported:

  • Direct use of the Kafka Admin API. See the Admin REST API.
  • Streams
  • Connectors
  • Schemas


Service TIBCO eFTL TIBCO FTL® TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Apache Pulsar
Apache Kafka® No No No Yes

Message Size Limit

The message size limit for Apache Kafka is 1MB.