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Getting Started With TIBCO Cloud Messaging

TIBCO Cloud Messaging provides the infrastructure for developing global applications quickly and easily. With easy to use client-side libraries you can develop secure, high-performance, mobile and web-based applications.

TIBCO Cloud Messaging uses a publish/subscribe model for real-time messaging between devices and web-based applications. Your clients can publish messages with any content, and subscribing clients will receive only those messages for which they have registered an interest.

Once you have registered with TIBCO Cloud Messaging, have an authentication token, and have downloaded your client library, you’re ready to start coding.

The Admin REST API makes it easy to get information to manage a subscription. It presents curated output from the various TIBCO Cloud Messaging components, such as eFTL clients, durable information, and plan usage rates.

TIBCO Cloud Messaging supports both the TIBCO eFTL and TIBCO FTL® client libraries.


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