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TIBCO Cloud Messaging Concepts

Connect to Cloud Messaging

TIBCO Cloud Messaging (TCM) uses a publish/subscribe model to provide real-time messaging between mobile, web, and desktop applications. The global communications infrastructure is managed for you through TIBCO Cloud Messaging. As a developer, you can concentrate only on writing the client-side applications. Connections to TIBCO Cloud Messaging are always persistent (durable), secured with TLS (Transport Layer Security), and authenticated with keys managed by you.

Content Matchers

Subscriber objects can specify interest in messages based on their content, that is, based on message fields and their values. A content matcher selects a subset of messages from a message stream according to the fields and values in those messages. A subscriber uses a content matcher to express interest in the subset of messages that the content matcher specifies.

Durable Subscriptions

All TIBCO Cloud Messaging subscriptions are durable in order to guarantee message delivery. A durable subscription preserves messages for disconnected subscribing clients, delivering the messages when the subscribing client reconnects.

Messaging SDK Interoperability

Describes how SDKs supported by Cloud Messaging interoperate (or don’t).

Message Size

A message cannot be more than 32KB. This is a hard limit. Messages over 32KB will not be sent and will receive send errors. For information about messaging plans refer to the TIBCO Cloud Messaging website.